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Persimmon Season


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You guys ever eat them?  Every fall I binge on them as the season is short and they are oh so good.

They have them at my LGS for $.99 each but I go to the local Asian market and get them for $.99 a lb.  I bought about 8 lbs worth Sunday and they are almost gone (I did give several away).

They are similar to an apple (you got to peel them tho) and delightfully sweet & crunchy.  Give them a try if you can find them. 

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15 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

I eat the Hayicha version...I didn't check the dictionary.  I like them soft and plump.

My partner says persimmons dries his mouth/throat that he feels like he's suffocating...?

There are two common types and I don't know the names of either but I like the rounder harder ones.  Right, the ones shaped more like a teardrop are softer and I don't care for the texture of those.

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...the larger ones are great for baking stuff like persimmon bread and persimmon cookies. The smaller, crisper ones are also called "apple" persimmons locally. 

There are a few trees of the bigger ones in my neighborhood, but the crows get most of those, so I buy mine at the farmers market.  Kiwis are also coming into season here soon. :hapydance:

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