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I have a location tracker on my phone


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good thing!

Installed it for group rides so we can keep track of where everyone on the team is.  But the big brother feature may be helping.

I got an email from the rental company yesterday asking if I'm bringing back the car.   I told them I dropped it off Monday, the employees said just leave the keys and go.

Today I got a bill saying the car didn't get returned until 11:30 last night.  So I sent screenshots from the tracker showing me driving from the house and into their garage at 6:01 PM Monday, then taking the shuttle to the terminal.  It even shows one of the stops along the way, where I have a picture of my wife sitting in the car.

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Their response will be, "You are correct! We'll fix that in the system."

Next week, you'll get an invoice for the empty tank of gas you swore you would fill before returning!

Of course, you'll produce a receipt/CC invoice showing you fueled up across the street at 5:45pm, and they will say, "You are correct! We'll fix that in the system."

A couple weeks later, you'll receive an invoice for the huge dent and scratch along the passenger side of the vehicle.

Surely you took more photos than just the one of your wife, so you'll submit them as evidence of a dent-free vehicle, and they will say, "You are correct! We'll fix that in the system."

The next month, a bill for a spare tire replacement and installation fee will show up.  Now you're screwed because there is no way you took a picture of the spare in the trunk under the carpet. And, then they hit you up with the late fees as well.

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Not quite that far, but......

After they got my proof that I brought the car back on time, the next email was "prepaid rentals are not eligible for early return refunds"

So the next email was a thank you for recognizing the car was returned Nov 5, a copy of the rental confirmation with "Return Date Nov 5"  circled many times in red, and a question about how a "prepaid" rental would only require prepaying 5 of the 6 days

They removed the additional charge from my card today.

Other than that, they were fine to rent from, and a bunch cheaper.

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