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I have to go downstairs and turn the pellet stove off and I don't wanna


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4 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Are there spiders down there? I ain't doing it if there's spiders.

There have been known to be spiders, yes.  Since fixing the laundry out spout, this number has been reduced  by nearly 299% but I still see a big dude scampering across the carpet from time to time.

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15 minutes ago, No One said:

...you need one of these:



My son’s house had one of those. It was almost new so he called the company that sold it and asked them to come and get it because he didn’t want it. They said they would charge him $500 to remove it. He told them not to bother and he took it out and put it in his garage. Maybe he can sell it on fleabay? You would think they would gladly take it and resell it.,

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9 minutes ago, Dottles said:

Look I'm not skinny like you John, but I am insulted by @No One for insinuating I'm such a fat ass that I need a stair elevator.  He's a horrible, evil person.

I would have liked one of those when I had the broken hip as would my wife before she had her hips replaced.

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