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Beautiful Music Friday

Square Wheels

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Over the course of these types of posts on most Fridays, I have noticed it seems some people have different definitions of beautiful songs than I do.  I think they are songs of nuance and great beauty and are not generally super upbeat or populist by nature.  It would have to be both beautiful in sentiment AND music, but it would definitely preclude most country, reggae, world music, rap, jazz, Skrillex (sorry DH), industrial, and high voltage dancey stuff.  It could be wistful, mournful, inspiring, or insightful, but it would not be about banging chicks (which is beautiful in its own way), getting wasted, living in a trailer, etc.

Some people post excellent songs, but songs that are not beautiful, maybe because they are excited about good music or a new find. 

Can we come up with guidelines?

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