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My new roomie


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I had a mouse invade the house three weeks ago.  It made some noise occasionally and left some droppings on the kitchen counter, but it not touch any of the plastic or paper bags of bread, chocolate, coffee, noodles, etc.  I cleaned the counter and apparently it realized not to do its business there - or anywhere I've looked.  It has avoided my traps.

For a couple weeks, I'd hear a strange noise every couple days, but it all could have been due to something else.

For the past week - nothing. I don't know if my polite mouse is still among us, discovered some poison that may have been carried out of my view  by last winter's mice, or ventured outside on a warm day and got caught by the neighbor's cat that often roams my yard.

Not that I'm complaining, but I'd almost accept this behavior and treat it like a pet!

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