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My friend Jay in Velo News


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Jay is a pretty nice guy, always willing to share his wisdom. He operates on a different level though. The races he puts on are damn fun and really well organized.  


Q&A: A master bikepacker shares his wisdom

After more than a decade of bikepacking adventures, Jay Petervary is something of a guru. We asked for his advice on getting out there.

You can call Jay Petervary a legend, or a pioneer. He simply calls himself a bikepacking ambassador. Petervary has completed the Iditabike 10 times, the Tour Divide six times (he once held the time record), and Dirty Kanza 200 four times, and that’s just the beginning of his exploits.

VeloNews caught up with Petervary before he hopped on a flight to Kyrgyzstan to take part in the inaugural Silk Road Mountain Race, which winds 1,100 miles through some of the most remote landscapes he’s ever encountered.

“I haven’t been this nervous for an event in a long time,” Petervary said. He ended up winning that epic trek in eight days, eight hours, and about 15 minutes.

Your bikepacking trip doesn’t have to be that ambitious, but Petervary has plenty of good advice for any adventure.

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My bike trips never strayed far from places with good restaurants. I always scheduled a day off, and my favorite place for that was Camden. There used to be a really good seafood place right in the center of town. Wasn't expensive, either.

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I did some bike packing in the seventies on a motorcycle. I think I covered less miles in a day than some of my bicycle trips but I met a lot of interesting people (hot chicks). One year I rode around Lake Ontario. The Canadian side of the lake rocks. I camped in Provincial parks, great memories.

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