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World Chess Championship


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For the first time since 1972, someone born and raised in America is playing for the World Chess Championship.

Fabiano Caruana, who parents are Italian, won the tournament of the top-eight players in the world and is now playing against World Champ Magnus Carlsen of Norway for the World Championship in London.

They have played four games and each ended in a draw.  They will play 12 games will long time limits then, if it's tied, will play 12 more games with short time limits.  It's generally felt the Carlsen has an edge in short-time-limit games, so Caruana should take some chances if they're getting close to the end of the first 12 and he's not ahead.

Both me are in their 20's and are the highest rated players in the world, Carlsen at 2835 and Caruana at 2832.  I'm a high, Class A, rated player and my rating is only 1836.

The games, with all the moves and an interactive board with written commentary, is here: https://www.chess.com/article/view/world-chess-championship-2018-carlsen-caruana

The live videos of the games, which begin at 10 am EST, are here - I don't know if you need to do a free membership to watch: https://www.chess.com/wcc2018


Caruana, as White in games 1 and 3, led with the King's Pawn and played a surprising variation against Carlsen's Sicilian Defense, but couldn't win.

Carlsen, as White in games 2 and 4, played more positional and less tactical games, leading with the Queen's Pawn in game 2 and the Queen's Bishop's Pawn (English Opening) in game 4.

Games 5 & 6 are on Thursday and Friday.

In game 5, Caruana has White, which generally wins 5 of every 9 points in chess because White has the first move.  It will be interesting to see if he sees something in the current patterns being played or will try different tactics and it Carlsen will play the expected defenses.

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