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2 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

Cyclocross Nationals are 5 weeks away.  Take away a week for taper and G has 4 weeks to train.  His LEAST fav thing to do is ride the trainer.  But he has workouts to get in and little light outside to do them.  

I told him if he wants to race well at Nats he HAS to embrace the trainer.  We'll see how this goes.  He put in a hard session last night.  It is crunch time here in the Parr8 house.  Basketball in full swing for the girl and cross season is heating up.  

Is G on a training program that he follows daily or does he have broad training goals for each week?

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4 hours ago, ChrisL said:

Is G on a training program that he follows daily or does he have broad training goals for each week?

We hired a coach.  We figured that as much as we spend on lessons for Emmy's pitching that we could hire a coach for G in the spirit of fairness.  

It is a custom training plan that is tweaked for each individual race each week leading up to Nats.  He is a good local guy that's know for working with juniors.  His daughter is a few years ahead of G and is a semi-pro.  He has all of the fancy laser tools and certifications to do fittings.  So here is the plan...

This is G's test year.  If he does well, stays on the program, is "coachable" and has a good showing at Nats, we will continue.  If all of that holds true we will probably spring for a power meter.  He needs new bikes anyways.  He is growing out of his currently bikes.  I will prob sell MTB, roadie, and Cx bike in one package.  It would be a great way to outfit a newer junior on the cheap.  All are cannondale and really nice bikes.  We will look to get him 2 new Cx bike in the spring that he can ride road or Cx on.  Next year he will prob need an A and B bike for Cx.  

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