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11/17 miles and such


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30 @ 17 - surprisingly nice weather but a bit of a headwind.  The path was relatively dry.  One SNAFU was before the ride, I pumped the tires (a week+ with no road rides), rolled out, switched gears - or tried to switch gears! - and realized the Di2 battery was completely dead.  :( Swung around back to the garage, traded the Tarmac for the Roubaix (battery was green!), and rolled off.

Lots of folks out and riding, which is nice to see. I was a wee bit overdressed, and could have gone with my windbreaker.


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29 miles at a slow 12 MPH pace. Only my second 'real' ride since hurting my knee in the beginning of October. I took my touring bike as there's a lot of slush and wet leaves from Thursdays melted snow.

I knew that they were building an spur off the local bike trail and I decided to see how it was going. About 90% complete. Had to get off and walk the bike at a few places. It's 3.3 miles long and hilly. 

The good news is that the trail ends at Eckerts Country Market which has great food and ice cream with plenty of parking. I'm already planning routes from there for our Wednesday evening group rides next year.

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