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"Fix my bike?"


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6 minutes ago, donkpow said:

Assuming a steel bike, the forks are the problem.

As I recall it is made of gas pipe.  That damn thing was heavy.  Front shocks had to just be springs inside.  Rear shocks were springs but had an adjuster ring with about 4 click stops.  Rear swing arm had a nylon bushing and was sloppy.  Seat was a big old flat thing.

Here is what is should look like

Image result for graco mx1000

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1 minute ago, No One said:

...I wonder why they only made them for two years ? :)

Price and weight.  There is no way you could be competitive on this thing compared to the lightweight BMX bikes that started to be mass produced in the late 1970s would be my guess.

I sold mine to get a Webco.

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