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When I retired my foreman got an e-mail to ask John what kind of watch he would like. I asked my foreman what my choices were and he said he didn’t know. I told him Rolex. The next day he got another e-mail saying very funny, a wrist watch or a pocket watch? 

They gave me a Citizen gold watch. It doesn’t have as many functions as a Casio but it’s ok.

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4 hours ago, 12string said:

I never understood why companies give watches as retirement gifts.  Isn't that the point of retirement - it doesn't matter what time it is?

That’s what I told them. They said I can wear it at my funeral, I’ll look spiffy wearing a gold watch in the casket. The wristband broke on my el-cheapo watch so I have been wearing the gold watch for everyday. I still look at my phone if I want to know what time it is.

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13 hours ago, Dottles said:

I thought the days of a single lifetime employer were over??

I only had 28 years on the job I retired from. Lots of other careers before that one. A friend of mine got hired there right out of high school. He is still plugging away but can’t do the heavy work anymore, his body is worn out. He is ten years younger than me.

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