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Why aren't turkey wings as popular as chicken wings


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I think the chicken wings are moister and the right bite size.

I can remember when chicken wings were considered virtually good for nothing, they were one of the cheap meats used for "trotlines" for catching crabs in the Chesapeake Bay.

We run ours kind of like this commercial version along the rightmost 3 floats and ours stays stationary. We keep the horizontal string close to the surface and don't bother with hooks. It's amazing how determined the crabs are to hang onto the chicken neck, wing, etc. at the bottom of each line and you can lift them to about 1' below the surface before they swim away. So you have someone hold a net about 2' deep and bring the net up under them as they're slowly lifted above it. You move, by quiet paddle, a small boat along the line, checking each vertical line as you go:


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