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Helped by the Ghost of Paul Morphy!


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The board below (I have White) is the final position in my first win over a rated chess expert!

My rating jumped 24 points to 1860 (Class A).  I'm hoping to eventually get to 2000 - "expert."

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


Mike and I are now tied and one of us will advance from our group to round 4 (final round) of the team championship (with 5 other players).

Each of us has 1 game left.

Mike is losing his last game so I have to win or draw my last game - I have good chances - or else Mike advances on tiebreaks.

I sacrificed a rook after being visited by the Ghost of Paul Morphy, the American who Bobby Fischer called the greatest chessplayer

of all time and where a position from his "Opera House Game" in 1858 (see link below), regarded as the most famous and beautiful

game of all time, came to mind and I saw how I could force a winning position by threatening Morphy's "Opera Mate."

I've been asked to post an annotated version of my game on chess.com's Game Showcase - for which I'll post the link at a later date for

those interested.

So I'll hold off from posting any more details here except to point I just picked-off his h- and g- Pawns and he can't stop me from grabbing his d-Pawn - making my d- and h- Passed Pawns Queen candidates.

That's why he resigned.

My game, with move-by-move capability, is here: https://www.chess.com/daily/game/206940148



Here's the Opera House Game, Rap Version:




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