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30 minutes ago, jsharr said:

What kind of skiing do you do?  I have never been on snow skis.  I do not like cold and snow and such.  
How do you get to the top?  ski lift?  hike?  
I did take an old pair of wood water skis and use them on the snow when I was a kid in Oklahoma.  

I have nordic(classic and skate) and alpine skis. The alpine skis are for groomed skiing not back country so I take the lift to the top. A lot of my friends ski the back country. One good friend is a guide and avalanche expert. Back country skiing here is huge. 

I'm a pretty lousy skier, but it is fun to slide around on the snow.

I'm rarely cold. You tend to work up a sweat since you are working hard. If you keep your extremities covered and warm, you'll be fine. 

I met some people from AR on the lift yesterday. Dude was in Razorback sweatpants, jacket unzipped, no helmet. I saw him crash. He wasn't a good skier, but he was having a ton of fun with a big grin on his face. 

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