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So go to alot more work, but still not sure how long


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So it looks like I will still be working for awhile next year but with way more work.  In fact a lot more that I wonder will be able to take 1 vacation day off for milestone birthday.  We'll see.

Someone in dept. is leaving for another dept. I'm sure will inherit a slightly snarly bundle of work (at best).  At worst, it might a chunk of barely completed work to ramp up...before Christmas.  It's ok...except limelight might be turned on very fast in a way I hope people will...trust me.

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17 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Sounds very stressful. 

I don't know. I've been in other situations for other employers, but was a lead kinda of driver person ...at least got to control abit of the pacing -- a wee bit. My gut feeling the person to hand over stuff to me (who is leaving), may not be highly motivated to finish the bulk what he has been asked to do (in front of 10 other people) at staff meeting when the announcement was made last wk.  The good thing I know some of the project team players, some idea of possible disconnects that might occur. The base primary client group is very diverse in skill range across the organization where some might easily blame our group for their own lack of foresight/frailities.  I would their first immediate hit /blame target if certain client people/learners/change champions don't step up when we ask them to.

For sure, I intend enjoy Christmas vacation pre-approved.  --to the hilt.  

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