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Is it a good sign when you send an email to someone you are interviewing with...


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17 minutes ago, MickinMD said:

It never hurts to send a thank you email or card to an interviewer with a professionally expressed thank you in it.

I did!  We have had several phone interviews and had decided on a day for a real interview this week that was never finalized.  I emailed about that.  No call yet.

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It could be worse.  I got an email from an employer in Virginia confirming our employment interview at LAX as he was in California. I sent him an email back suggesting that he check the email and/or call the individual, as I 1) wasn't looking for a job, 2) hadn't applied for a job, and 3) I was in Florida and had no plans to be in the Los Angeles airport. He emailed me back with a thanks. 

That is the problem with having "your name"@gmail as everyone else has numbers or other identifiers that invariable get left off

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