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Inducing labor

Road Runner

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2 hours ago, KrAzY said:

AWESOME NEWS!!! We will need baby pics as soon as you get a chance.... 

Also I read the title of the post as including labor... I was like... what the hell service doesn't include a little labor.. ?

I thought this was going to be about WoKzoo handing me the to do list.

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7 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

Yes.  The baby seems to be reluctant to leave its warm and comforting environment.  More inducements are underway.  :)

I'm always concerned about the dad.  How's dad holding up?  Is he getting enough rest?  Is he getting enough to eat?  It's a tough job.

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1 hour ago, Road Runner said:

That's what they did.  They went and got him (C-section).  8 lb 6 oz boy.  First thing he did when he got out was, he peed.  Then he pooped.  Soon after he was all cleaned up, he was drinking.  So far, he seems to have a pretty good handle on what life is all about.  :D

All is well in Road Runner land.  :) 

Congratulations, RR.

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