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Oakley prescription sunglasses (well ordered them). Short story long - I was going to buy a pair from Oakley w/ clear lenses and have my eye doc place do the prescription. Which means they send them back to Oakley labs. This would be aboot $550 total. Black friday I looked around Oakley's website and they had a sale on these prescription glasses for $442, this made me happy :) But Oakley will not grind a progressive lens, this made me sad :( I called Oakley and chatted w/ a chick (sounded cute) and she said Oakley lenses will accept a progressive, I just need to have someone else do it. I asked aboot Sportrx. She said they are good and are an authorized dealer, this made me happy :) because they grind progressive lenses. And Sportrx had a cyber monday sale of $100 off which made me extremely happy :D I'm getting them for $412. Granted I'm paying w/ my HSA but still.

Here is what I bought, "half jacket 2.0 XL" less the blue ear piece thingies. But I'm going to buy them separately. And I bought a case for 10 bucks.   I chose not to get polarized lenses for potential compatibility issues w/ future LCD displays.  Although they would be fine w/ my current garmin. Should get 'em in a few weeks.


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2 hours ago, bikeman564™ said:

Indeed. Oakley does have Z-87 but not these. IIRC if they are, the lens would be stamped w/ that number. Their lenses are tough regardless.

Yep the lens has to be stamped.

The reality is that nearly all the polycarbonate lenses will pass the test, they just have to be tested.

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