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Getting an echo dot last year and experimenting was fun.  Light control, weather reports, various music was all cool.

This year I discovered that having more than one is really much better than just one.  First, the price dropped and you can get a gen 2 dot for under $20.

They can all be named differently.  I chose to name them after the room they were in.  They can all control all the lights in my Phillips hue network.  They can also control the Amazon smart plugs to turn on/off other things.  They are radio's, audio systems for Prime Music, alarm clocks and they can also be intercoms.  They can set timers for work in the kitchen.  They solve the problem of stairway lights that don't have a switch at each end.

Damn it's fun being a geek.

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57 minutes ago, Further said:

I'm fitting piezo igniters to my lanterns, might consider this remote stuff down the road.


Further, the high tech redneck

I did automation and other things for others most of my career.  Now that I'm retired I can play with this stuff for me.  The echo dots are cheap (especially the previous generation 2 units on black friday weekend) and they are a pre canned package that one just buys and puts to work.  The Raspberry micro computers I'm just getting into are more for my automation plans.

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We got a Dot last year for Christmas. I played a little with the light and outlet controls, but my router only lets them synch with my phone but not the Dot. I plan to replace my router and maybe use it more after that. 

It's interesting to see what randomly triggers it. I have read the text and it's pretty innocuous stuff, but still kind of bugs me. It will probably wind up in our bedroom as our alarm clock. 

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Today I finished the construction (easy stuff, no major soldering of components onto board) of a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.  Then I downloaded and installed the operating system from the Raspberry Pi organization in England and got everything up and running.  the 3 B+ has 4 usb ports plus onboard wifi and bluetooth and HDMI out.  It has more capability than the units we controlled the engine test cells with at P&W.  Oh, it's about the size of a standard mouse even installed in it's new house with a fan.  Let the learning begin.

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