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Wonderful Wednesday


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or not :dontknow:  Work is busy, I am missing the head of Maintenance...I got a guy with memory issues "teaching" our new guy... We got snow coming later today...so fat they are predicting tomorrow morning will be slick...the drive home should be fine :cheerleader:  We are still in the "No snow" mode for driving..so that should be fun!  Tonights workout is 30 min on the tread mill...no weighted vest..just an easy walk...I think I will make my 12 visits this month!!

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We got more snow overnight. My wife took my Pilot to work yesterday because she needed the 4wd.  I didn’t go anywhere. My son and his family made it home safe from Virginia yesterday. They didn’t run into this snow until they were almost home.

Wife is off today, we will do some grocery shopping and stop and visit her mom. We try to keep her freezer stocked with ice cream cups. I would guess a visit with the grandkids is in order as well. We haven’t seen them for a week, we need some grandkid hugs.

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