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She was never good at geography.


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So we're doing our morning routine.  I'm surfing the net in my little man hovel, she's reading the newspaper (yes, the news PAPER) and listening to the morning talk shows on TV.  Out of the blue she calls out, "Where is the south pole"?  "What?", I say.  She says, "I know where the north pole is but which country is the south pole in, and where is it"?  She is actually very smart, but geography is not her strong suit.  :rolleyes: 

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I had a co-worker that used to say silly things all the time.  Some of our interactions were comical, and I don't even think she understood why.

She was talking about a country and where it was located.  I filled in the blanks of where it was located.  She said back "Oh, that is where Taipei is?  I am not good at geology.  I quipped back "You're not good at geography either."

Another thing she used to do is constantly say "The point is mute."  I finally had enough of that comment and said "Yeah, you can hardly hear it."  She looked at me blankly.  

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