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Elf needs to shop this weekend


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Our 15-person adult group picks a name out of a hat on Thanksgiving and buys up to a $50 gift for ONE adult (of course, the kids in the family get them from everyone).

This year, it was decided to add a theme and the gift has to have something to do with Maryland, which limits the practicality of the gift.

The person I picked could use a practical gift and I think we agreed that a gift card to a store in Maryland counts, so I'm going to give her a $50 gift card to whatever food or clothing or department store I learn through the grapevine she likes.

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My wish list is pretty light this year.  I don't have a lot of wants or needs.  Since both SW and RR are soon to be belly up and I 'get their stuff' my worldly goods quotient is going to rise.  Please give my gifts to the needy.

Thanks for asking. 

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10 hours ago, petitepedal said:

My list (unfortunately) is kinda spendy..

A new Vacuum cleaner (for hard floors)

A new sofa

and a fake fireplace

HA Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Sant's budget does not extend to all of those items....

Do you have Facebook marketplace for your town?  On ours I see many electric fireplaces. Very reasonable

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