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Your new chain


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4 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

Will that keep my hipster pants from getting caught in the chain.

Yes, but they'll still get caught between the chain and the chain ring!

One of my semi-irrational phobias is being a few miles into a park on a bike trail where the park's gates are locked at dusk and where my chain breaks too far from the gate to walk the bike to my car and drive out by dusk.

So I got a replacement master link, a multi-tool with chain tool, and watched the YouTube videos giving you tips like "Don't take the pin all the way out - it's hard to get back in."

I'll probably never have to use the tool, master link, and knowledge, but it provides some comfort.  Still, it's like the recent spacecraft landing on Mars: the first chance to test my components and capabilities is when the event actually happens.

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