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Calling all Bohemians


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Two families in my childhood neighborhood were Bohemian-American and Bohemian Immigrants.

On of the immigrants literally took that old advice, "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door."  He sold his patent for a bundle, retired early, and had about 30 fruit trees, a chestnut tree, many different kinds of grapes, and a 50' x 50' veggie garden.  Since only 4 people lived in the house he gave most of the fruit and veggies away to people in the neighborhood. He was well liked.

The other went to night school to get a degree in electrical engineering and worked for and retired from Black & Decker, designing tools.  He went on a trip to Europe and came back thrilled about having visited Bohemia.

They didn't say "Mama Mia," have Beelzebub, or spit in people's eyes.

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Well now you've gone and spooked the horses, @TrentonMakes. First of all, "Dandy Warhols" is a ridiculous name for a band. Pretentious and ill informed. Then listen, that whole buzz guitar thing is so boring. A drone. Mundane. Give me a break for crying out loud. I've seen more creative drum riffs from street performers. The only saving grace is born in the occasional vocal highlights mixed with that whole grunge monotone drivel from the lead. Koo-koo-ka-choo. I am not a walrus even though I play one on the internet.

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