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Weekend plans as we begin Hanukkah and Advent


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Up at 6 am to get Ryan to the town Christmas parade with his scout troop.

I have a training class on the EDGE method of instruction from 8 until 4

Not sure what is on this evening.

Tomorrow I will be making Wood Badge beads and working on my Wood Badge presentation on leader and scout retention

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23 hours ago, BuffJim said:

Tomorrow going to spectate at the Polar Plunge fundraiser at Lake Erie.

Then date night with BuffCarla at a swanky restaurant.

Hope to get 2 decent walks in also.  Been to the gym 4 times this week, hope to make it 5 this evening.

Do you still have snow? Most of ours has melted. Polar plunges are better with lots of snow and ice. Our start New Years Day and go into March.

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The girls went with their daddy to see how Ralph broke the internet. Their best friends have three boys about the same age as our girls and a girl the age as my youngest granddaughter. The two dads took the older six to the movie, the moms put the four little ones down for a nap and enjoyed some quiet time over a cup of coffee. Life is good. I get to work with my buddy Zane again tomorrow. I feel a breakthrough is coming with him. I talk to him and encourage him the whole time I’m with him. I’m pretty sure he understands me. I can’t imaging being in his place.

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10 hours ago, Airehead said:

Buying stuff for the new house like shop lights for the garage, putting up the rest of the insulation that mr Aire didn't order for the garage --. See all my rants for two weeks.  Making cookies. And Ylva is coming to visit tomorrow. 

Play your Alabama CDs. I hear Ylva loves her some Alabama. 

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