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Bon of a sitch: How 'bout them CowToys?


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The bad part is now Jerry Jones will once again think "his way" works and he will keep Claps McGarret and the wonderful gadget belt around for another year of middle to bottom of the pack football.

Yeah, it was a great game, but we almost gave it away.  Refs sucked.  Both teams got screwed repeatedly.  Dallas had a blatant blow to the head on Kamara for the Saints that should have had our linebacker tossed from the game that the refs totally missed.

New Orleans receiver was holding and them pushed off with an extended arm on their one touchdown.

An ugly win is still a win.

Go Cowboys.

Go to Hell Jerry.

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18 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

The surprising part was that the Saints and their high powered offense only scored 10 points.  The first half was an abomination.

If I knew beforehand that the Cowboys would be held to just 13 points, I would have bet $10,000 that the Saints would have won that game.   :huh:


5 minutes ago, Dottles said:


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