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Facebook is depressing, part one billion


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32 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

I was awake so much the last couple of nights that I went to facebook out of desperation for entertainment.  It was depressing as hell, I hope none of you have stock and are planning on holding it.

Shirely it is a part of many mutual funds.  

I was thinking the exact same thing the other day.  When will this company go down?  I find the place sad a lot of the time now.  Too many ads and way too many hot button issues with ridiculous comments and vitriol.  Bleh.  

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Mutual funds suck worse than Facebook. The secret to Facebook is to block what you can and scroll quickly past the garbage you can’t block. I thought Facebook was getting better and then I realized it was because of all the crap I have hidden from my news feed.

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