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Got Called Old And Young Today!?!?


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I was at a LBS I don't usually go to but was already in the area.  I got a couple of tubes and was tripping on an old Serrotta on the wall.  I knew Serrotta really took off in the mid 80's but the bike had late 70's Campy Nouvo Record group.  Anyway the shop kid asked if I liked that antique. I said we'll yeah as I rode a bike very similar to that back in the day... Uh sorry sir.  No worries, in 35 years some kid is gonna say wow you actually rode Carbon back in the day!?!? The kid chuckled and I paid and left.

We then went to Trader Joe's and this 70 something gentleman says, young man can you put one of those cases (of wine) in my cart for me?  

WTF old and young in the same day?

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15 hours ago, sheep_herder said:

As you know, this is relative to the age of the speaker.  I try to never address someone in a way that emphasizes their age relative to mine. I am not as good at judging age as, I once was, and have been fooled by people's appearance.

Don't you just start from the position that everyone is younger than you.

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