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December 2..ride, miles, walk, run, workout or nap


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What ya got? :dontknow:

I went to Planet Fitness...after church..Was a little worried, cos the trainer upped some of my weights..he spotted me when I was bench pressing  the 2 20's. I suggested a lighter weight and he said no you are doing it..I am just making sure you don't smash your face :wacko:  So I asked someone to spot me...and DAMN I did just fine with the 20's..However it sure was nice to have someone take at least one of the weights when I finished the set..cos..yeah I was cooked...

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OTF.  Good class.  For the run part we started at 3% and increased 1% every minute until we were at 12%.  I bailed out.  I tried to pace myself by running at 5mph, but couldn't do it anymore once I hit 10%.  Then we got to walk for a few minutes, then started at 12% and went own 1% every minute.  I started at 3.5 and increased 0.2 or more each minute.

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