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One of the best days of the summer came in December


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Beautiful day, temp in the 60's and sunshine, look at it ( don't stare Further, you'll ruin your eyes ) People were out wearing shorts & tee's, washing cars, mowing lawns, holiday decorating, walking, riding..... I cleaned up the yard, the leaves were pretty deep, rode the motorcycle a bit, grilled some burgers.

Buying burger meat at the butcher shop, all they had left was ground chuck, good enough for me.

Picking up buns at a local independent grocery store, another guy & I were scanning the shelves, all they had was 2 bags of a dozen "food service kaiser rolls", I think they were what they use for their store made sandwiches, the other got the next to last bag & I got the last.

I think there was a bit of grilling going on today.

The burgers were great !  I've started putting a cast iron flat top thing on the grill and I really like the results, burgers are much juicier, but pick up some smoke flavor from the charcoal. 

All in all, a good day   :) 

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We took the four granddaughters to church. I partnered with Zane again. He seems to be doing well. I took his picture, he’s invisible wearing that camo. 


I did stuff with my wife and a granddaughter today. I kept telling my wife I should be riding. I got home in time to move some wood.

The sun set at 5:00 pm while I was moving wood.




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