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a few minutes of our 4 mile run


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1 hour ago, Further said:

I'm taking a WAG that you don't walk those dogs on a leash.. 

Yes, we do walk them on a leash some.  They are trained to pull on a harness but walk pretty good with a leash on the collar. They do know the difference.  With me on the atv they were pulling about 700 lbs. By the end I had to run it and help them a little.

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6 minutes ago, Scrapr said:

your dog in the rear is running sideways. Why is that? Is it hard to "tell" them when to turn? Looked like they went off trail for a bit until you got them sorted

First time I ever ran them in those positions. Was only running one experienced dog.  The other 2 have never run in a team before.  They were only ever used in canicross and one dog bikejor.  After the one turn Haku thought he needed to check out the deer trail.  He is big and strong and took my leader off the trail for a while. If I would have been running them on the light 38 lb 3 wheel racing rig it could have become very interesting.  700 lbs with 4 wheel hydraulic disk brakes helps hold them.

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