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Surprise parties


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2 hours ago, Randomguy said:

They happen on TV with alarming frequency.

Have you ever had one thrown in your honor or throw one for someone else?

Yes, I had a surprise birthday thrown in my honour when I turned 40.

I"m just trying to remember if I participated in one for someone else... I can't remember.  ?  Keep in mind I have a big family and have gone to number of birthdays, etc.

I don't expect a surprise birthday party when I turned 60....because most of my family live and most closest friends in another province.

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When I turned forty my wife invited another couple over for dinner. I was working midnight shift and sleeping in the daytime. My wife came in the bedroom and woke me up for dinner, she said to make sure I put on some clothes because Bary and Brenda are here. I came out of the bedroom and the house was full of all of our friends that came to celebrate my birthday. I guess my sleeping like a log after working a twelve hour shift made that easier to pull off. I got all the usual turning forty gifts, a three handled coffee mug that said: Turning forty, get a grip., a pair of elephant underwear, all that good stuff. 

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I've been to a few. 2 stand out. 

First was for a good friend from high school when she turned 50. Of all places, they chose a SMALL town with only 1 bar/restaurant. Not even a gas station! He brought her up on the premise that they were going to have dinner with a prospective investor in their business who lived near there. The party room was at the back of the bar. Bonnie noticed all the cars out front when they arrived, yet the main dining area was just a few locals. Tim said he recognized a couple cars. He was going to say a quick hello in the party room. She said, "I don't know. I don't think we should...." But he said don't worry, it will be ok. They rounded the corner to the surprise and it was classic! 

The second was for my boss when he turned 60. His daugter's husband is a member of the nice country club. They invited her parents to meet them for dinner. Our IT company had been the club's IT until about 6 months before this. They gave the new contract to a guy who is a member of the club. He has a reputation for shoddy work, but he was a member. My boss isn't! When they arrived, SIL told my boss he had to see the terrible way he setup a multimedia arrangement in one of the party rooms and led him up the stairs. About halfway up, boss could see the heads of people in the room. Didn't want to interrupt. SIL said don't worry. He knew them and they would be OK with it. When they entered and we yelled surprise! It took him a full minute to process what just happened! After that he just laughed for a while. He had never been got by his daughter before!

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Tonight I just heard plans of a big shingding...not sure if it can be kept a surprise......for a cycling friend...she turns 80.  (she stopped cycling around 78)  Another well-known older cycling advocate of many years in Metro Vancouver.  So they plan a sentinel flanking of cyclists along the path to someone's house.  They're now trying to get her son and her  adult grandchildren ...to fly over from Alberta to Vancouver for this big party.  That is really special..  I know there's a couple driving 400 km. from northern B.C. for this party to happen in less than 10 days.

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