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Surprise Panties


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Never had any physically thrown at me. Once or twice overtures were made that were just as obvious. 

Took my bike to the shop for some work after I had been riding with the group for a few years. A few weeks later, I had a flat on a ride. When I opened my bag for the tube, there was some pink fabric. I kept pulling and pulling. I started feeling like the magician with handkerchiefs up the sleeve! Eventually it ended. I helded up the largest set of panties I had ever seen! The group got a good laugh. The next day, I stopped in for another tube. LBS owner said, "So I heard you had a flat. " with a big smirk on his face. I guess they were a "traveling trophy" of sorts. Kind of a way to let you know you were officially one of them. Not sure who has them,now...

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3 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

I've only found panties on the road  :(

One of our riders found a vibrator! Blue metal. He was afraid to touch it, but slid it with a stick to a certain post on a small bridge. Last time he looked, it was still there! Been a few years...


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12 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Where I go kayaking/swimming I’m always finding panties. It must be the night shift because there is never anyone else out there when I am.

"I dunno, officer. I always see these anonymous panties laying on the ground in the places I frequent. I never inhaled."

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