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hard to find eyeglass case to buy


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In stores. I don't want to deal with online..we don't have a concierge to take in pkgs. Nor do I want to pay for shipping. Gonna be one of his Christmas gifts.

I was directed to....a dollar store! ? That's how desperate I was downtown. Nope, just too big/bulky.  There was a collapsible hard case which was cool and not bad price. But not as convenient.

He bikes and needs not to have a case that is too bulky but must be hardcase.

So I finally bought one...at an optician place in mall..ones that they would give free for customer who buys their prescription glasses. But I"m happy since it's an atypical design for him. Darkish burnt orange and slight soft suede finish.

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14 hours ago, jdc2000 said:

If you think finding decent glasses cases is hard, try finding eyeglasses frames.  It is almost impossible to find anything useful that looks half decent.


?  You're awfully picky... there's even more choice. It's a question of price and maybe colour. (I suspect a lot of men are more conservative in colour selection.)

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