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Trevor Noah reminisces with grandma during apartheid, etc.


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His autobiography is an incredible read.  (I asked for it and got it as a birthday gift.)  He talks about growing up as a half-black during and just after apartheid in South Africa.  As a comedian to North American audience, with this type of personal background, to me, it gives an edge to his jokes.  He also was raised in a religious way..as a child he went to church, led prayers, etc.  

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2 hours ago, Randomguy said:

Hmm, I just wish he was funnier.

Maybe he cares and can't be snide and complacent like Bill Mahr (which I found his stuff was starting to grate).  When growing up as a child under any circumstances, it's a description of history because a child is innocent (but highly influenced by adult attitudes around him/her)  and often, has no choice to his/her circumstances in life at that age.  It isn't about being politically correct, It was reality for the child.

I dunno...my partner watches his show regularily in the evening.  He enjoys his show.  I'm asleep most of the time because I need to sleep well/enough for work the next day.

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