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Are ghosts real?


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41 minutes ago, JerrySTL said:

Going from 'can not explain' to 'ghosts' is quite a leap. Similar to seeing something in the sky that you can't explain to aliens in space ships.

Many times I've found that "I" can't explain something is the correct answer.

You can distinctly determine if something is an asteroid, aircrafts, or glowing/flashing ball of light jumping around. You can even tell a satellite from a star.. 


This is undetermined always a reason to be an alien or a ghost, it could just be mother nature or your body playing tricks on you.

But the question is are they really? 

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I've gone looking for them and never found them.  They possibly exist but they are possibly manifestations of living people's memories or some aspect of mental power or illusion we haven't yet explained.

There is ONE example of clairvoyance I can't explain.  In Jan. 1944, my father, Lou, was wounded many miles behind the lines in a Darby's Rangers' raid near Anzio, Italy - a week after the Rangers had come ashore there 1.5 hours before the main landings to clear the beach.  My father-to-be lost all but his thumb and index finger on his left hand.

On the day he was wounded, the U.S. Army in Italy did NOT know he had been wounded - he was still behind the lines.  But on that day Amelia Davis phoned my grandmother and asked, "What happened to Lou?"

She who lived next door to my father's parents, and was a well-known local Altoona, PA, reader of coffee grounds and tea leaves, etc. She read for Eleanor Roosevelt and was a big local clairvoyant until she died decades later.

My grandmother said she had no news.  Amelia Davis, replied, "I don't want to alarm you, but something serious happened to Lou and it involved a dead woman."

Amelia's daughter married my father's brother and so was my cousins' grandmother and everyone in our family knew her well.  Whenever we saw her, we marveled at how she knew something happened to my father on the very day it happened behind enemy lines in Italy - but she did get one thing wrong: there was no dead woman.

Then came 1964 and the WW2 and Korean War Rangers reunion in Baltimore. I met my father's original Rangers' squad leader, Jim Altieri, whose book The Spearheaders was the basis of the James Garner movie "Darby's Rangers." My father told Alteiri about Amelia Davis.  Altieri, who spoke Italian, said, "Lou, that little village in Italy where you were wounded is called 'Femina Morte.' That means 'Dead Woman.'

As the years passed, there were more and more proven predictions by Amelia Davis I learned from others: predicting the number of children someone would have, that she and her husband would be at an out-of-town funeral the next Monday where she described the cemetery they'd never visited, etc. but that was "hearsay" to me.  But I remember when we thought she was wrong about the dead woman.

So, as a scientist I can argue that clairvoyance, ghosts, etc. are believed in only because we don't understand the actual reasons behind them - just as ancients thought lightning was due to the gods.  But my experience with Amelia Davis tells me something else is going on!


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Years ago Oprah was digging into the ghost question. When I started watching the show she was questioning the audience about their ghost experiences.

She started with "who believes in ghosts ?"  A lot of people stood up.

"Who has heard a ghost ?" Pretty much everyone still standing

"Who has seen a ghost ?"   A few folks sat down, lots of people still standing.

"Who  has touched a ghost ?"  Down about half.

"Who has had sex with a ghost ?"  Down to one old man

Oprah headed up to old guy to get some one on one, stuck the mic in face and asked "so what's it like to have sex with a ghost ?"

The old man stared at her for a minute, then said " ghost ? I thought we talking about goats "

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