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I think wheels new avatar..........

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9 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

It's a device from long long ago in a galaxy far far away.  I doubt many of the kids have ever seen one and the oldies simply don't remember.

I saw a person, significantly younger than me, with a tattoo of one on her wrist.  We chatted about it for a few minutes.

There is hope for the younger generation, not much, but some.

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1 hour ago, donkpow said:


I wager 300 quatloos for the newcomer.

The thrall trainer however went on to a brief TV career as well as some time in the XXX movie business.  Angelique Pettyjohn AKA Heaven St. John.  She made a living from Star Trek conventions as the Gamesters of Triskelion was one of the all time favorite episodes.  (do you wonder why geeks would love this)

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