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A lot of us are getting long of tooth!

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As I searched U-tube for a few favourite artistes, I see that many have videos that are like 9 and 10 years old at the newest!  Beth Orton for one.  KT Tunstall's are mostly old like that, but she has this new one.  She definitely looks older, but she has still got it; :)



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1 minute ago, Further said:

I've started thinking in decades    😲

It's bad to be so old, but it's good to still be kickin.   

Fuck Em   I'll keep livin to the day I die   🚴‍♂️   catch me if ya can..

I once read a book aboot a lady and her Boston Terrorist.  She said in her life she had a series of Boston Terrorists.  That made sense to me - think of them as a series, not a single dog.  Time is a river, passing by us,

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