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Worst Super Bowl Ever?

Razors Edge

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11 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

I didn't watch :)

Wise decision.  I was able to do a lot of other stuff simultaneously to pass the time, but the half time show and the 2nd half ended up being "glance up and check the score occasionally" sort of thing with the volume off.

You didn't miss anything. It was, after all, the WORST Super Bowl ever.

You do, though, HAVE to watch next season! It is gonna be awesome.

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17 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

...at least, in your recollection?  

Generally, most a "meh" for me since I couldn't care less about either team, but this one was just b-o-r-i-n-g.  Hard to think of a worse one.

There was a period of time in the 90’s when the AFC kept getting blown out to the NFC.  I sent to recall numerous lopsided games. Those were pretty boring games.

Since “my team” was in it, it wasn’t boring as they were one score away until late in the game.

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