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Back to the 70s


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...all that Saturday Night Fever bullshit was not disco.  It was line dancing for people in polyester shirts and dresses.


The real disco was considerably prior to that crap, in the very early 70's. fueled by coke and poppers in cavernous old warehouse spaces populated by a majority gay crowd. They let us straight people in (in smaller numbers), because it was a big room and they needed the extra money.  But real disco was danced to the driving beat of people like Patti Labelle



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Ah yep, we hated that disco stuff too. :unsure: 

Funny how when certain songs came over the Pioneer Super Tuner in my "74 Satellite, the most anti disco guy in the bunch would turn it up to eleven, and no one else would say a word. Because the rule was, it wasn't disco unless it was in Saturday Night Fever! ;)


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On 2/5/2019 at 12:33 AM, AirwickWithCheese said:

And depends on where you lived.  

Disco, Greenville style.   :nodhead:



Brilliant! LW always knew how to bring it. The drummer steals the show. Is that Gabe Kaplan playing bass? Love how the Maestro brings it all together and makes the group swing.

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