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Snowing here


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Today was a beautiful day of 60F with no clouds and  no wind.  My calves are sore from yesterday's long walk while holding back an 80 lb dog who always wants to run.

I got a bunch of 14.5 oz. cans of stewed tomatoes at Aldi for 35 cents a can.

I got gasoline a Costco for $2.099/gallon and 1 Liter of Costco's very excellent Kirkland Tuscano Extra Virgin Olive Oil for $13.99.

I got a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup at Walmart for $0.50, and a decent pair of sneakers, Dr. Scholl's gel-bottom, size 11W, for $19.87 for when I don't want to get my good athletic shoes dirty.

I got a 12 oz. can of Carolina Nut Company's Sriracha Ranch peanuts for $2.98.

I returned to a home heated close to 80F, thanks to no wind and lots of sun, but I didn't open the windows because I knew the temp would soon drop after the sun swung low in the west.

So I saved on a lot of stuff and enjoyed the day.

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