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We put the monitor in the mail today, it is returned.

So, of course, the monitor I was thinking about getting to replace it went up exactly $100 yesterday. They can take a flying leap off the Grand Canyon.

I forgot to add the teabag this morning. The result was really good, best yet, with just the Assam and Ceylon.  Sometimes not having a brain works..

My eye had been giving me stabbing pains, so I got see the eye Doc yesterday, sure they were going to send me to some surgical hell. It was just the dry weather, and prob having a superwide monitor making the eyeballs swivel more than they are used to. That was a relief, I can postpone my cataract surgery some more.

We have an old guy that used to do the bodywork on our cars. We did him a couple favors, and now he doesn't want us to pay him. He needs the money, it's why we helped him, so he avoids working on our cars so he can avoid us giving him money. It's just money. You have to expect transaction costs, but that doesn't preclude me from getting annoyed.

I'm using my old monitor, which is supposed to go 144hz. It can't, but it can do 100. I got into Windows, and set the display to 100. My video card is a Nvidia 770, which is utter overkill for 1080P. I think Vsync must  be on, but f***ed if I know where.





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