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Keep an eye on the little ones!


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Oh man had a similar but scarier incident.

I was at the park fishing with my kids. Daughter was like 5, son was around a year. So we finish up and I gather up all the sheot. Son, as usual is hyperkinetic and all over the place.  He starts heading towards the car (about 50 yards of grass before parking lot) so I turn my back on him, grab the stroller (like the mom in the vid) and head back towards the car myself.  But now he’s gone!?!?!?  Sumbitch I turned my back for 5 fucking seconds.  

I know there is no way he could have made it to the parking lot in that time so turn back around and head back for the pond.  Across the pond I see a lady frantically jumping and pointing in the water and I see the top of my sons head in the murky water so jump in and yank him out.  He’s covered in duck poop & feathers and is spitting and sputtering but is otherwise fine.  

I learned never turn your back on toddlers...

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My son and I took my six grandkids swimming a couple weeks ago. When it was time to leave my son had me stay in the water with the almost two year old twin boys while he took the girls in to help them get dressed. He said he knew if he dressed the boys first they would be back in the water as soon as he went to help the girls.

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