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They told me this could happen


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Sometimes ice can form on the road with the temperature above freezing.

Headed home from the game (we won!) about 12:30AM.  35 degrees, Light rain, mist, doing about 70 in teh interstate,  I took the left lane to pass, there was a car coming up behind so I bumped up to about 75.  Just as I passed and started moving back over, the truck suddenly started going sideways.  I caught it, tires grabbed hard and tossed me the other way a bit.  Probably scared the passed car pretty good.  I'd like to take credit for cat like reflexes and uncanny driving skills, but the dashboard was lighting up with traction control, anti-slip, Auto 4WD.....

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Water on the ground, which has some road salt and other things dissolved in it, won't freeze until it's slightly less that 32F, but the ground/road can be a lot colder than the air and freeze when it's warm.

Monday I took Golden Doodle Jake for a walk and it was too warm for a coat, around 60F and sunny with no wind.  But the hilly trail we took had some snow and ice on it in low places and streams we passed were icy.  We saw 7 whitetail deer in two groups, a doe and 2 fawns and a buck, 2 doe and a fawn and they were browsing along the edge of sunny meadows, staying away from the ice.

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