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Some Idiot


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Left work early..managed to take a different route home when there was a car..stuck in an intersection..within just a couple of miles from work...slow and steady NO PROBLEM..get to my condo and some idiot is stuck in the entrance to the driveway...which goes to the upper garage (my parking spot) and the parking lot..so I continue down to the east entrance..it has been plowed..and a small corner of the lot is plowed..I pull thru and try to make the turn from the lot to the upper garage driveway...and my skill and the amount of snow we have...it is a no go..I gotta rock a bit and make it to the small cleared area and park...and wait...I left work early...about 3:20 or so and I know they plow around 4:30...5:30 ish..so folks can get home (I know in all reality it isn't all that great to leave work early on a snow day..but I like to get home before dark in a storm)...  they are not trying to move the stuck car.....so I turn off my engine and sit....and sit...Then the plow shows up..I see the guy talking to someone..then he zooms over by me..AND THEY DRIVE RIGHT OUT OF THEIR STUCK SPOT...with no help....AS IN NOT ACTUALLY STUCK!!!!!!..he is clearing the lower garage so she can get in (the lower garage does not have a hill and anyone could drive right in...the upper garage has a hill..and is a bit worse)...AND THE DAMN WOMAN HAD BEEN BLOCKING THE DRIVEWAY!!!!  The guy eventually clears the drive for the upper garage and I got home...feet a tad cold but safe...

The end...

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