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One Eyed Willy, the angriest cat they'd ever seen.


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Cool story about one eyed willie.

We had been feeding some cats for several years. They were not really our cats but they were fairly tame and we fed them because they were hungry. When we sold our house and we’re getting ready to move we were trying to figure out what to do with the cats. Some friends in our home school group had a farm and they said they could take them all. They like to have lots of barn cats. We managed to round up all the cats we could find and took them to their new home. We loaded up the moving truck and were on our way. The only thing left to move were some odds and ends and everything in the shed. We came back and started loading stuff from the shed and found two tiny little black kittens. They were hungry and scared. One kept hissing at us. We moved them with us to the new home and took them to the vet for shots and neutering. The scary one we named Bad Boy because he thought he was tough. He mellowed out and became the sweetest cat. We had him for many years.

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