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Effective Easy-to-Set Mouse Trap!


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In the past, I've used the cheap wire/wood mouse traps where you pull your hand away fast in case it snaps on you.

Recently, I've been plagued by a hoard of mice that arrived with the recent Polar Vortex. They've avoided my poison baits.

In the past I've tried various easy-to-set trapss but I never found one that worked well until now - 6 mice caught in 12 hours with one trap reset after each catch - two of them caught with one snap: I've never seen that before!  The traps are called "disposable" but I had no trouble using one again and again.

I hope I got them all!

It has a lever (held by the thumbs below) permanently attached at almost right angles to the teeth that you safely press down to set the trap.


You can either put bait (I used the Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter I had on hand) in through the opening in the position shown below, or - as I prefer - hold it open as above while sliding the peanut butter or other bait off a finger into the well below the black plate plus a little on the plate to attract the mice.


It's mostly plastic and probably won't last a long time - I did have to jiggle it a little to get it to catch and hold when setting it, but it catches mice and all you have to do to dump the dead mouse out of it is press the lever down and raise the teeth

It's this Tomcat Press 'N Set Trap.  Notice the goofy pricing: four 2-packs would cost you $17.92 but one 8 pack costs you $38.57!  The 4- and 6-packs are also more per trap than the 2-pack!

It's the same $4.48 at Lowe's and $4.97 at Home Depot. It's here are Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00N6XKVNY



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