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I ordered another monitor, a Dell S2716DGR, it's over a hundred more expensive than the last one. But it ought to get the job done. At least I hope so, I've about had it with this upgrade project. It's taken too long, cost too much money, and I'm worried they've stopped making games I want to play.

I keep adding exercises, recently I added in some leg exercise. Nothing big, I just walk forwards, backwards and sideways against resistance bands. That's enough for now. It's set off some low back pain, which means I need to do more stretching and some core exercises. So today was a treadmill day, so far, no stretching, no leg exercises, no core work. I'm thinking about adding a leg/core day for a 3 day cycle.

No, that tells you how pathetic i am, that I have to break it up into nibble size bites.

I just binged Russia Doll on Netflix, it sucked. If you want a surprisingly good one, try Sex Education. I've got the wife watching it now. Does a great job of showing how we stumble along blindly until we luck into something good. 3.5 stars... One thing, it will deliberately mess with your head, just go with it.

Motorola is coming out with the G7 in the Spring. Looks like it's going to be the one to beat at $300. That's a little rich for my blood, so I am thinking maybe the 64gb G6 for $230. Expect for me to grump about that soon :D

I got slapped on the wrist over at that other forum. Ejaculation has 2 meanings, the one you know, the second definition is an emotional outburst. I observed some posters had prematurely ejaculated, and the Mod thought that was vulgar. It got me thinking. That's not something you want to encourage.

Do you still need to use a picture hosting service? I wanted to post a pic of King Tut (my cat from Arizona) and I was hoping to jump straight from my box to the forum. That's an improvement I'd like to see.





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I call this the world's most expensive hybrid (not really). It's an overly stiff Ti frame I gave to SIL. I had a stem shock absorber left over from the 80s, it was over $300 new. The rest is mostly parts I had lying around. She's done  some 60-70 mile days on that bike, not IMG_0658.thumb.JPG.0325f52a558cbb695ef1424d193d0062.JPGbad for a gal who was in her 60s at the time (she's in her 70s now).

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