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I'm eating oreos


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14 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

I can't remember the last time I had one, so I bought some double stuff while at the store getting other stuffs. :)

You have to try the new "the most stuff" they are much thicker than double stuff and they are to die for if you are one who takes them apart and eats the separate bits.  I think they are a limited edition so don't wait too long,

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You fool!  You wasted money on Doublestuff when you should have gone extreme and gotten the "Most Stuff" variant!





This last picture is truly important because it is a double Most Stuff Oreo.  I had to try it, there was no possible way to resist it.

I think this was a bit shoddy on Nabisco's part in that they should have found a way to make the Most Stuff filling not just look like two double stuff fillings slapped together.  Minor quibble, I know, but hey, this is America.

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5 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

I haven’t read the ingredients list on Oreos in years but they used to be dreadful. That “Stuff” is nothing but fat and sugar. They should come with coupons to save up for your coronary bypass surgery.

Don't get all high and mighty on us, they are vegan, you know!


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18 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

They had those ... sorry

While the reality is that double stuff is practically a perfect starting point, there is still time to go and get the Most Stuff to give to BCC for Valentine's day along with your dick-pic texts to her.

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50 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

so your body uses the sugar ASAP 

This is what a couple of fun size candy bars can do to me. I'm in better control now but getting in the mid 200s is still easy to do.



I can live without the sugary stuff or Parr8 will have to find me a kidney. 

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