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Blatant virtue signalling


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1 minute ago, Randomguy said:

I have never sent a dick-pic to anyone, therefore I am superior to the rest of you heathens.  I know most of you have, especially the ladies.

Cheese sent me one, it is the screensaver on my phone now.   

You starting to sound like a borderline INCEL.

Just sayin'. Come back to the light with the rest of us, and see if bikeman's BCC has a single sister or something!

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16 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

He was normal..  And destroyed.  

Nixon was a snake as a Senator and a snake as a VP.  Eisenhower did few things right as a president but minimizing Nixon was one of them.  Even Ike hated him.  He was good for some votes.

And to think if JFK wasn’t just as big of a snake (Chicago) Dickey would have been president years earlier (and we would have never pretended to land on the moon)

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